Venture capital

“What I’m interested in is investing in people.” (Arthur Rock)

What is Venture capital?

Venture capital firms support concepts or ideas brought to them by entrepreneurs, or young companies looking for financing to help them grow.
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VC explained

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about venture capital like What kind of investors are venture capitalists? Where do venture capitalists get their money? How many companies receive venture capital financing each year?
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Success stories

Throughout its history, venture capital investment has built entire industry sectors by funding ground breaking innovations. From biotechnology to information technology to clean technology, thousands of start-ups have been brought to life, improving the way we live and work each day. Here you will find a few examples of well known companies who were originally venture-backed.
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Video selection

Something Ventured is a documentary film about the original venture capitalists and the companies they helped to start and grow–like Apple, Intel, Genentech, Cisco, Tandem and Atari.
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