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HVCA - Equity Thursday "VC Grill 2021"

Tőkebevonás az alapoktól az extrákig

Tóth Bence, ügyvezető partner, Susterra Capital
Weiszbart Zsolt, partner, Day One Capital

Moderátor: Horgos Lénárd, partner, Absolvo

Venture Capital Grill 2020

Tőkebevonás az alapoktól az extrákig

Czirják László - iEurope
Tóth Zoltán - Euroventures
Zsembery Levente - X-Ventures
Dunai András - Lead Ventures

Moderátor: Horgos Lénárd - Absolvo

HVCA VC Grill 2015 - Panel

HVCA VC Grill 2015 - Kovács Miklós elöadása

HVCA VC Grill 2015 - Baranyai Gábor elöadása

HVCA VC Grill 2015 - Teljes esemény

2011 Private Equity Findings Symposium Panellist Thierry Baudon, Managing Partner, Mid Europa

Thierry Baudon, Managing Parner, Mid Europa speaks on his perspectives on what has changed in investing in emerging markets in a career spanning over 30 years.

How Venture Capital Works PT1

SVB Financial Group recently hosted a panel discussion titled How Venture Capital Works. The panelists discussed the relationships, decisions, and economics that drive venture capital. The panel included participants representing the three key roles in VC industry dynamics:
Bryan Roberts, Ph.D. -- Partner with Venrock, a leading venture capital firm

Private equity explained

Private equity funds are groups of investors that flip companies for a profit. It's the technique they use that makes them special, as senior producer Paddy Hirsch explains.

Something Ventured Trailer

Something Ventured is a documentary film about the original venture capitalists and the companies they helped to start and grow--like Apple, Intel, Genentech, Cisco, Tandem and Atari.

Hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity

Similarities in compensation structure for hedge funds, venture capital firms, and private equity investors. Created by Sal Khan.