The Association


Our Mission

The Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HVCA) represents the interests of the private equity and venture capital industry in Hungary by supporting its members and promoting adherence to the highest possible professional and ethical standards.

Who we are

The HVCA was established in 1991. Currently, the HVCA is known as one of the most dynamic and active professional organizations in the CEE region. The HVCA represents virtually every major player of the private equity and venture capital industry in Hungary and is dedicated to promoting the private equity and venture capital industry for the benefit of funds, entrepreneurs, private equity professionals and the economy as a whole. The HVCA aims to promote the development of the industry and communication among its members, create a set of rigorous professional and ethical standards for its members to follow and exploit various channels to inform potential investee companies about the availability and advantages of private equity and venture capital as a financing mechanism. To achieve this objective, the HVCA attempts to accumulate its members and entrepreneurs responsive to this type of financing through our annual conference, monthly organized exclusive professional and networking events and regular publications.

The membership of the HVCA includes all the important investors and advisors in the sector dealing with non-quoted companies. The HVCA provides a regular forum for the exchange of ideas among members, high-level discussions on topical issues of the private equity and venture capital industry and future trends. As the single and most important representative of the industry, the HVCA is in constant discussion with the financial and legislative institutions of Hungary and other professional organisations.

The HVCA is in tight partnership with other international organisations of the private equity and venture capital industry. The association is a full member of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and is an honorary member of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. These relationships enable the HVCA to share its experience with similar associations from other parts of the world and discuss with them the relevant private equity and venture capital issues of the region.

What we do

  • We represent the interest of the private equity and venture capital industry in Hungary and in the region.
  • We propagate the conception of the industry.
  • We regularly organize professional meetings for our members. On these meetings, different topics are introduced and discussed in connection with the industry in particular topics which affect the terms of the industrial activity.
  • We publish a Yearbook and newsletters.
  • We have a website (
  • We appear on different local and foreign panels dealing with the industry.
  • We keep acquaintanceship with foreign and international organizations with the same or similar profiles.
  • We annually organize a conference dealing with private equity and venture capital investments.

How we do it

  • We represent the consistent interests of our members.
  • We provide a panel for regular communication among our members.
  • We gather and utilize the knowledge of our members.
  • We set out and observe norms of business ethics.
  • We disseminate private equity and venture capital conceptions in Hungary and in the region.
  • We keep in touch with international representative organizations of private equity and venture capital firms.
  • We educate.

HVCA Statues

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HVCA Code of Ethics and Conduct

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