Equity Thursday-Beyond Silicon Valley: Sharing Ideas for Supporting Entrepreneurship

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Equity Thursday
June 18, 2019
 Beyond Silicon Valley: Sharing Ideas for Supporting Entrepreneurship

The path for entrepreneurs to grow their companies outside of well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystems like Silicon Valley may be challenging.

But there are other models, innovative approaches to support startups, new businesses and help entrepreneurship to develop and mature in transition countries like Hungary and others in CEE / SEE which are - in spite of the positive trends - still far beyond WE (or not talking about US) when it comes to entrepreneurship.

What are these approaches and strategies, why are they successful? What are those methods, actions, ideas which can be put into immediate practice, lead and established by founders themselves?

One of these best practices is the so-called “Cleveland Case Study”, will be shared with you by the keynote speaker of this meetup MICHAEL GOLDBERG (US), VC, co-founder and managing partner of the international VC firm Bridge Investment Fund, creator and instructor of the online course “Beyond Silicon Valley: growing entrepreneurship in transitioning economies”, attracted 175k+ entrepreneurs from 190 countries so far, assistant professor of Case Western Reserve University, honoured TED speaker.

Inspiring best practice sharing will be continued, joining Michael in a panel discussion:

DAVORIN STETNER, Croatian entrepreneur, owner of various businesses, serial entrepreneur, an active angel investor with a wide startup portfolio around the world, president of the Croatian Business Angel Network, advisor on entrepreneurship of the Croatian President. 
JÁNOS VECSENYI, professor emeritus, who is pioneer in startups / innovative entrepreneurship in Budapest University of Technology and Corvinus, 

In the 2nd part, we put entrepreneurial mindset in focus.
How it’s been changed in the last 20 years? How is entrepreneurship interpreted by VCs, why is it important in case of fundraising?

Our guest speakers who are sharing experience and points:
PÉTER TÁNCZOS, managing partner of Euroventures, the one of the most successful Budapest headquartered VC firm, 20+ years track record in the business, massive experience on growing ventures with local entrepreneurs
SÁNDOR ZSOLDOS, founder and CEO of the international SAM consulting company IPR-Insights, successfully raised VC funding in 2 rounds to support international expansion.
Program (Time in PM):
6.00 – 6.20 On-site registration
6.20 – 6.35 Keynote speech: M. Goldberg - Beyond Silicon Valley – The Cleveland approach
6.35 – 7.20 Panel: Sharing ideas for supporting entrepreneurship between Cleveland and Budapest – M. Goldberg, D. Stetner, J. Vecsenyi
7.20 – 8.05 Panel: Entrepreneurial mindset, VC perception and requirements, challenges of adaptation – P. Tánczos, S. Zsoldos
8.05 – 9.30 Q&A, networking

Technical details:
- Entrance fee: 3000 HUF, to be paid on the spot, incl. drink coupons
- We expect large nr. of interest - please, take RSVP seriously, thanks!
- Please show up during the on-site registration to secure your place. If no show-up until 6.20 PM, your place will be freed!

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